Media Roll Call?

Well, i know i don't have many readers yet, so perhaps those i do have could pass this on to others to get as wide a variety of experiences and tastes as possible?  'Cause i'm curious:  are you aware of any genderqueer, intersex, agendered, trans*, or otherwise unbinary/othergendered people in music, TV, movies, modelling/fashion, or any other publically-consumed media?  (Especially outside of trans*-specific shows like Transgeneration or Southern Comfort.)  i've seen a handful that i thought might be, but i don't want to make any assumptions whatsoever.  i would really like to be able to find some really queered music, if it's out there; and if anyone can recommend good shows or movies on the topic, i would be delighted.

So:  have you seen more like us out there?

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  1. What about Lucas Silveira, from the Canadian band the Clics? http://www.examiner.com/transgender-transsexual-issues-in-national/lucas-silveira-trans-man-is-canada-s-sexiest-man

    This was a poll by the music magazine Chart Attack which voted him sexiest man - no issues, not trying to vote "sexiest transman" - just straightforward "he's hot!" regardless of the genital bits he may, or may not have been born with.

    I like your blog btw. You do have readers! Keep it up.