genderFUCKED is a blog about gender.  Specifically, it is a blog where i dump my various feelings about being a trans-agendered person in a society set up for Dudes and Ladies.  i am not a Dude or a Lady.  i am not a mixture of Dude and Lady, i am not on the spectrum of Dude and Lady, i do not identify with Dudeliness or Ladyality.

i, your writer, am kitty (lowercase, thankyouverymuch), and generally i'm pretty angry about [select one] the binary, the patriarchy, sexism, racism, classism, truthiness, invisibility, cissexism, ablism, sizism, privilege-wavers, other: ___________.  It kinda sucks being agendered in a binary system!  It also kinda sucks having a female body in a patriarchal system!  It also also kinda sucks having mental illness in a ablist society!  It also also also sucks being somewhat heavy-set in a 'health'-obsessed society!  And so on!  So, says i, fuck that noise.

Full disclosure, of course:
*i am a FAAB trans-agendered person.
*i am the sort of weight where my friends say 'you're not fat!' and 'you have beautiful curves!' but i am well outside the 'healthy' BMI, and thin-minded people occasionally point and say 'WHY ARE THEY WEARING THAT, UGH'.  Well, actually, they say SHE, but i'd really prefer it if you didn't.
*i am white.
*i was raised without religion (but encouraged to investigate whatever suited my fancy).  i am currently areligious; not atheist, because i don't believe there's NOT a deity, but not agnostic either, because i'm not 'searching'.  i currently feel no need for religion or spirituality in my life, but if you do, neat!
*i was raised lower-middle-class, lived in 'do i go to the doctor or do i eat this week' poverty for a time, and am currently solidly middle-class.
*i am currently able-bodied for the most part - i live with constant joint pain of varying severity, but am fully mobile 99.9% of the time.
*i suffer from mental illness.  Besides gender/sex/body dysphoria, i also live with debilitating depression, OCD, severe anxiety, panic disorder, and PTSD.  None of these are an attempt to make myself sound 'special'; they are very difficult to deal with and, though i am both medicated and in therapy, often interrupt my life in very unpleasant ways.
*i am sexpos, but am myself demisexual; i'm pan-affectionate/pansexual.  If there was such a thing, i'd be a stone bottom/catcher/whatever.  Just so's you know.
*i am a feminist.
*i make erotic artwork, from time to time.  You will probably never see it here.
*i am robosexual and object-sexual, much more than any human-oriented sexuality.  i will be first in line to have my brain put into a machine, when that day comes.
*Your body is fine, it is probably quite nice, and i hope you like it, but i'd rather not have one, thanks.

*My preferred pronoun is xe:
Xe: 'ZEE'.  Xe is a person.
Xyr: 'ZUR' or 'ZEER'.  Xyr identity is neither man nor woman.
Xem: 'ZEM'.  Does xe consider xemself to be a human being?  Better ask xem.
...but you can use pretty much anything you want, as long as it's not She or He.  It, They, Zie, Hey You, whatever.

*i tend to ramble.