Commenting Rules

1.) This is my blog.  If i find your comment to be in poor taste, i will delete and/or mock it.

2.) i will only delete comments if i feel they might be triggering or otherwise traumatic for those reading.  Otherwise, i will leave them up for archival purposes, and so that people responding to them don't look like they're talking to nobody.

3.) Anyone can respond to anyone.  Don't feed the trolls, obviously, but if you see an ignorant fuck, feel free to mock them in a sensitive and PC-manner.

4.) Keep it PC.  That means no sexist, racist, classist, ablist, fatphobic, transphobic, homophobic, or otherwise privilege-laden slurs.  Put a trigger warning on your comment if you think it needs it.  Try to stay civil.  Say anything you want about someone else's words, but be very careful what you say about someone else, especially if you don't know them.  Harassment, trolling, and abuse will NOT be tolerated.

5.) Call me out if i screw up.  Call me on my privilege, point out when i'm wrong, disagree with me.  Go ahead!  i'd rather be correct than Right.

6.) Do not expect to be coddled.  Your privilege is dropped at the door, here, and if you pick it up again you will be called on it.  Not everybody will agree with you on everything.

7.) If you don't know somebody's preferred gender pronouns, keep it neutral.  Don't guess, even if their username looks very gendered to you.  Ask them if you like, but don't assume.

8.) Spam and illegal content will not be tolerated.

9.) Whether or not i laugh about it while i ban you is up to me.  Whether or not you get banned in the first place is up to you.  Follow the rules, write in good faith, and you'll be fine.

10.) i hate the number nine, so i'm ending this with number ten, and there's nothing you can do about it.  Yay, an actual-and-for-truly number ten!  This is required reading: