moving to a new home

hey readers!  Sorry it's been dead here for so long.  Find out why and follow the new blog at http://genderfuckedover.tumblr.com :)



signal boost

Since it's farther back on the blog and some new readers might not have seen it, just reminding yall - there's a post here for linking to unbinary, trans, and otherwise queer media.  We could use some links!
This is a really interesting diagram i was linked to today.  It certainly doesn't cover all the bases (being limited to only man <==> woman and feminine <==> masculine, for example) but i think it's a great resource for if you're just introducing yourself or someone else to the idea of gender and sex being separate things.  Enjoy!


While this blog is primarily about gender, it's also about acceptance of all healthy lifestyles, about non-judgment, about love for the human body.  That said, here is an excellent mini-documentary on fat: