Recommended Reading

Not quite the same as 'stuff you might like', which is links to full sites for your browsing pleasure.  Instead, i present for your education and enjoyment some things which you should probably maybe read, for they are spifferiffic!  Or at least interesting, hmm.

> Binary Gender Privilege Checklist
Also, if you haven't seen the other/original privilege knapsack/checklists, you should probably Google them.  Basically, it's a list of things that binary folk can/may be able to check off as applying to them, whilst unbinary folk can't/may not be able to check off items as applying to xemselves.

> I am not a Political Statement
Pretty much all of That's What Ze Said is awesome, but this post in particular has always (or at least, since January 2010) resonated with me.  i'm not being weird, stubborn, or attention-seeking.  i'm not being a special snowflake or a troublemaker.  i'm just being, 'kay?

> You May Say I'm A Dreamer (The World Will Live As Many)
Short and sweet.  Bond sums up what i dislike about a lot of mainstream culture's 'progressive' movements and also why i (and goodness me, do i ever) hate that song.

> How To Change Your Name
Good advice for the nominally adventurous!

> Why I Hate Label-Hating
Once again Bond manages to perfectly describe my feelings on a subject much better than i ever could.  Thanks, Bond!

> Gender Is Not A Spectrum
The post itself is interesting, but there's a lot of great gender and trans* discussion in the comments.  Potential trigger warning for sensitive unbinary folks, though - there's some disappearing and othering going on at times.